How To Root Android Phone Using Framaroot

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As a popular operating system, Android offers features which allow the user to customize the phone as desired. This includes replacing the system appearance, deleting unwanted apps inside the system and others. However, you should do a single step to reach that purposes by rooting procedure. Well, we are lucky to see many tutorials and tips that present how to root Android phone using Framaroot. Unfortunately, most of them require a PC to make it successful. But with some apps help like Framaroot, this procedure has been simpler.

How Do I Root My Phone?

How To Root Android Phone

There are bulky numbers of apps that can help you root your Android. It requires you to ensure whether the application can run on your Android or not. You can check your Android through before doing this procedure.

How to Root a Android phone Using Framaroot

It is one of the most popular application used by Android user to root their device without a PC. It works perfectly with just one tap and your device will be rooted automatically. This work varies from device to device based on its chipset model and also the version. That’s why we suggest you check your phone serie.

How to use the app?

  1. Download the Framaroot and run it on your device by installing the button (Download Framaroot).
  2. Once you have done with the installation, begin with Open Framaroot which show two possibilities; exploit or error on the screen notification.
  3. If the device doesn’t show “exploit”, your Android type might not be included on the list. This will not work on your device.
  4. If the app works on your device, you must see three options including Install SuperSU, Unroot and Execute Script.

The next step is selecting the SuperSU if you decide to root the phone. After that, you will see three possibilities on the screen including:

  • Success – it means your phone has been rooted successfully. You then will restart the device and open the SuperSU then click the Update Binaries button once it is popped up. Now you can enjoy the goodness of rooting the device.
  • Failed – it means the exploit cannot root the device so you have to use another app that supports your Android.
  • App Hanged or Crashed? – It means you have to close the app and then Re-try the exploit later.

How to Unroot the Phone?

Somehow, the user really wants to unroot the phone which means you will delete the SuperSU app and also its binaries. Follow the steps below to unroot the phone:

  • Just select the “unroot” from the menu
  • Select the available exploit which directly delete the su binaries and su app as well.

What If I Get Framaroot Errors?

Somehow users get errors when installing the app. If you get an error with a range of number that is less than or equal with 9, it is a sign your device cannot be rooted using this app. But when you get error 10, you may try the Framaroot 1.5.3 APK.

What Are the Disadvantages of Rooting Android?

Rooting will be very beneficial for you if you want to have a high expectation of customizing the device. However, there are many disadvantages you should have as the risk. The following reasons probably will make you think twice before making rooting procedure.

  • Loss of Warranties

Most Android device manufacturers don’t allow their consumer to root the phone. As a risk, they will revoke the warranties. So, when you face some errors after rooting procedures, the manufacturer will not guarantee the phone which includes the hardware damage. Somehow, unrooting will solve the problem for some devices which can save you from the loss.

  • Appearing Some Failures including HardBrick, soft brick, Bootloop

As your device reveals some errors, you might experience bootlop or total damage. The hardware can be broken as well. That’s why you need to ensure the battery is in full conditon and you download the app completely. Besides, check your device type whether it supports with the app or not.

  • Malware

As you root the device, it means you open the system protection that can put the device in a big risk. You should be more careful when downloading the app that are prone to have malwares.

Of course, most users will understand the risk of rooting, which means they are ready to lose most of the benefits once they do something wrong. Hope the article about how to root Android phone can help you.

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