3 Best Android Root Apps That Allow You Rooting without a PC

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For Android user, rooting is not a new thing for them. It is a procedure of unlocking the operating system so you can do extra work toyour device which is previously locked that includes deleting unwanted bloatware, updating OS, and replacing the firmware and so on.

By these reasons, most Android users root their phone just to enjoy some cool apps – the third party. It even leads them to utilize the device in maximum mode. However, rooting procedure also has a negative effect. First, it can brick your device as you miss only one step in rooting that your phone will end up in the service center. Secondl, this is a forbiden procedures which can void the warranty. In some cases once your device is broken due to this procedure, you cannot use the warranty because the company doen’t take any responsibilities about it. Somehow, users are users who are always full of curiousity.

To avoid some mistakes during rooting time, you need proper apps for your Android that work perfectly. Here are we recommend you some Android root apps that will help you root your phone. You don’t need a computer to do that literally.

Best Android Root Apps

Android Root Apps That Allow You Rooting without a PC

If you are the ones who are seeking the most popular and highly reviewed apps for rooting procedure, Frama root can be put on the list as it offers you rooting without a PC and allow you to jailbreak the phone quickly. Most of Android device types are included in the list. Do the following steps for a successful rooting:

  1. Check your device type on the developer list whether it is included or not. This is purposed to avoid damaged risk.
  2. Download Framaroot apps on your device
  3. Then, install the APK that you have already downloaded
  4. Open Framaroot from app drawer
  5. And then, click on Boromir and Wait until the “Su Installed Successfully” notification does not appear again.

That is easy, right? However, in case you failed rooting your Android when using this app, you have to try other Android root apps.

  • Universal Android Root

If you cannot root your Android phone with Framaroot, do not worry! Universal Android root will help you fixing the problem. You can root almost every device with this app without any problems. So whatever your Android phone brands this app will not give you any problems after rooting process. Below are steps to use Universal Android Root :

  1. Check your device on their list
  2. If your device is available, download Universal Android Root
  3. Install it on your Android phone ( just make sure that you already set your phone setting to enable the “unknown source” )
  4. Open the app from app drawer
  5. Click on root to start rooting

One thing that you have to know before rooting your Android phone is, you have to make sure that you have selected correct Android version, otherwise, it will not be able to root your Android phone using its exploits.

  • Z4Root

One of apps that you have to try is Z4Root. This app might be the oldest app that is designed to root your phone without using a computer, yet it works without getting problems after the procedure. This app is best for Android phone with brands such as HTC, Sony, Motorola, and Samsung. Follow these steps to use Z4Root Android root apps:

  1. Download Z4Root apps
  2. Install Z4Root apps to your Android phone (make sure you set your phone to allow unknown source)
  3. Open Z4Root apps and click on Root button
  4. After rooting is completed, restart your Android phone.

Now, you can root your phone easily by using Android root apps without using a computer. Yet, you have to check it first whether your rooting process is successful or not. You can download Root Checker from Play Store if you want to make sure that your rooting is successful.

  • Download Root Checker on Play Store
  • Install this app to your Android phone, then click Verify button
  • You will find Congratulation notification if your rooted process is successful.

From now on, you will be easier to root your Android phone without using a Pc or computer.

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